13 Feb 2014

La Pâtisserie des Rêves comes to London

Remember when I told you about La Pâtisserie des Rêves, almost exactly a year ago? Well here I am again, but this time I come with exciting news for my Londoner readers: the little dream cakes have crossed the Channel! The shop opened a couple weeks ago on Marylebone High Street, so I headed there on its second day to get my hands on some tasty things... 

It was my first time on Marylebone High Street and, oh my, I recommend you all go because it is truly the closest you'll come to being in Paris on this side of the Channel! It was quite incredible, so many shops were French ones, there was even a French pharmacie and a very Marais vibe to it.

The shop was exactly like the Parisian ones, which I loved. It is such an important part of the experience! Buying a cake is so much more intense when it's staring at you from the inside of a glass bubble.

I had been lucky to win a free small cake in a competition organised on the Pâtisserie's Twitter account but bought three other small ones to give the man a taster of real, fabulous, dreamy French pâtisserie. Needless to say, he was impressed.

From bottom left, clockwise: Lemon Tart, Paris-Brest, Saint-Honoré and Grand Cru Vanille.
They were obviously all incredible, but I ended up being particularly impressed by the Grand Cru Vanille (which I had initially completely left out of my selection but the salesperson highly recommended it) which was incredibly flavoursome. I had never tasted such strong vanilla in a cake, but not in an overpowering way, it was just a brilliant ode to vanilla. My other favourite was the Saint-Honoré. I have to admit it's not the easiest cake to eat (especially when you have to cut it in half first) but it was incredible, such a delicious mix of textures and the choux were to die for.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I am posting this tonight for all significant others of a sugar-loving foodie: you'll win their hearts (yet again) with these cakes. Promise!


  1. I've just found our next visit in London !

    1. Or in Paris... :) You should really try both as they're going to release special pastries for the London shop soon that won't be available in France!

    2. good idea ! I absolutely want to try all of them !

  2. riiiiight
    so I'm sending you a message because I really enjoyed reading your adventures (especially the cupcakes thingy in NYC) and I kind of wanted to send you a message before too but my previous one ended up lost in the Internet's oblivion. (insert sad face here)
    I'm not exactly French but I'm taking the OIB thing as well in France and jeez it sucks sooooo much (well it's weird, it sucks but at the same time you can't quit because you'd be kind of lost without it if that makes sense? We're masochists aren't we?) You're so lucky to have finished, I've still got a year and a half to go! Hopefully it'll be alright.
    Reading your articles and watching your videos proved me that individuals can make a little difference in this world, minimalistic or not. (doesn't that sound creepy as fuck) I probably won't go to London after this goddamn bac (if I ever pass that exam christ) because you know, these new tuition fees are like £ 625,584,325,565 per sec spent in the hall. All bollocks. But it's a great place to live in and maybe after my degree, who knows I might be around and maybe I'll take a look at these places you've been talking about and gain three thousand pounds just looking at them goddamn cupcakes. (I really need to improve my vocabulary don't I?)
    Anyways, lil frogsbif,
    It was cool reading your stories,
    Hopefully this time I won't be lost in oblivion and shit,
    - a weird person in her teens.

    1. Well it's really nice of you to leave a comment here, weird kid. You sound strangely like one of my friends! Not that that's important.
      I really hope you'll find the strength to finish the OIB with a smile on your face. It's tough, but tbh it's likely you'll do more difficult things in the future. I really do miss my high school years. And although I can't plan what it'll be for you, I know that myself and most of my friends have gone on to forget about the horrible pain of OIB and only remember the good stuff. Do not despair!
      As for London, yes, the tuition fees are extortionate but EU students can get student loans, not sure if that's your case? Then again I do understand it's really expensive, but if you ever have the chance to settle in London for a while, I can't recommend it enough. Best place ever.

      Hope to hear from you again soon :)

    2. awww you're so sweet it hurts christ
      can we just be friends? (I sound silly these days I know ugh)
      I'll probably be in London after I graduated because these tuition fees are just too much (I'm trying to resist the urge of just gOING FOR IT HELL YEAH because I might want to have a house someday I don't know... Meh loans are just meh) but I'll be visiting before for sure! Sounds amazing and lovely. I like the way you decorate stuff, or your recipes as well. I'll try some of your things but I'm not very good at cooking (master chef at sandwiches though!) so it might not look as class as in the pictures!
      So anyway, dear OIB companion (doctor who style hell yeah), if you can do it, we can do it all! (hopefully) You're a great example for all of us who are still dying and thinking about suicide after Hamlet or The Scarlet Letter...
      Anyway I'm awkward at sounding normal so meanwhile I'll just wander through time and space.
      have a good dayyyyyy <3