31 Jan 2014

The (second) best care package that ever was

Man, life is busy... So for once I'll share a snippet of it almost as it's happening! I came home an hour ago to the first care package of 2014! Getting a parcel is always super exciting in my house because my housemate Meg gets one practically every other day, and the rest of us only get bank statements.

I was very excited to open it since I dropped some extremely heavy hints to my mum over Christmas about the things I would love to see delivered on my doorstep. I was a bit upset she didn't get hold of Gosling to deliver my parcel, but what was inside was still pretty good... ;)

Here's a picture of my mum to cover my French address, and a picture of Dumbledore to cover mine because of reasons. And yes, once I unwrapped the incredibly resistant protection, it was a wine box. It's always a wine box.

And here we go!! My mum is the best! Homemade chocolate chip and cranberry & walnut cookies, 48 Kinder bars, a block of cheese, a King cake kit and the basket my cousin got me for Christmas. But like, homemade cookies!!! I cannot stress how happy I am right now. Thank you so much mum! You are da bomb.

And a little bonus: if you're feeling a lil' bit hungry after staring into these babies' eyes, here is the recipe and here is Google Translate (tested it and Google did good on the translation, you're safe to bake!)