10 Aug 2013

A treat with Pierre Hermé

Last time I went home, my dad, being the sweetie he is, asked me if I'd like him to make macarons just before my return to London so I could take them back with me. Me, being the quick-witted gourmet I am, said yes.

What I didn't know, is that by bringing macarons to London, I was about to introduce a certain hungry demon to what would become his absolute obsession. He got a box of Ladurée beauties for his birthday, so naturally, we had to try the other big name of the macaron while in Paris. 

Yes, he was pretty excited. Also we ate them on the Champs Elysées because we're cool kids, so. He went for a large salted caramel one, while I got the lime and red berries, and another one that I can't remember well. I think it might have been the grapefruit, clove and nutmeg, but my memories are terribly vague.

The caramel macaron was apparently slightly disappointing. The problem of such a large macaron is that there's a lot of it and it can become a bit... too much, especially with a buttercream like the ones often used in salted caramel macarons. Still, I had a taste of it and the flavour was very nice.

Since I can't remember 'the orange one', I'll focus on the other: de-li-cious. I loved the marriage of lime and berries and how delicately the berries compotey thing was added in the middle. The little sugar grains on the shell were perfect to add a little acidulous taste to it. Noms. 

Only problem with macarons... they're not free. Really not free. But they make a gorgeous once-in-a-while treat. 

Pierre Hermé, multiple stores in Paris. Website
Available in Selfridges and at their London store 13 Lowndes St. 

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  1. Not as good as your Dad's anyway....(and these are cheap!!)