11 Nov 2013

The Culture Feature | August/September/October 2013

Wooo, once again here's three months of culture stuff in one! I haven't actually watched or read much new things recently, as all I have time for in a week really is an episode of Grey's Anatomy and Parks and Recreation each. Still, here are a few bits I enjoyed during my late summer. Once again, let me know if you follow my advice, and if you liked any of those! 

TV | House of Cards
Oh, man, do I wish the first season of House of Cards had been longer... I am not into politics, so wasn't too sure I'd get into it, but this is one of the perfectly finished shows I've ever watched. Exceptional directing (hello David Fincher!), spotless cast with Robin Wright whom I more than ever aspire to be like, and Kevin Spacey... How do I explain Kevin Spacey? His performance is remarkable, especially since he has the particular task of playing the only character who interacts with the audience. He displays the perfect balance of trustworthiness and dodginess that I associate with politicians. And the cinematography is an absolute gem. If all this doesn't convince you, I loved how it explores the shady ways of politics and breaks the fourth wall. I am PSYCHED for season two!

TV The Tunnel
I've only just started watching The Tunnel, and am still confused about it all, BUT a few things I really enjoy and here's why you should watch it: it is a show BOTH in English and French. How cool is that?! I started watching it with my boyfriend as a "culture bonding" activity but really, I just enjoy being able to understand everything and not him. Also, it has Clémence Poesy, and she's awesome. Watch if you like hearing people speak French, enjoy crime/cop fiction and apocalypto-religious serial killers.

MOVIES Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Chose this doc on a whim because it had some great reviews on Reddit, and I'm glad I did, for it was really different from what I usually watch. This documentary follows Jiro Ono, a sushi master who owns a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo. It's hard to describe how I felt... This movie really conveys the passion and art that goes into Jiro's sushi making, as well as a very serious sense of duty. Foodies with love it but I think everyone would get hooked... if only on trying to understand the very mysterious Jiro.

MOVIES The Godfather
Yes I know, absolute classic, why hadn't I watched it before, I'm a disgrace, etc. Better late than never, eh? Well, despite my initial reluctance about a long-*ss movie about people with Italian accents killing each other (what I thought it would be), I really enjoyed it... But it was what I thought it'd be! Still, it's such a beast of a movie, and is entertaining, gripping and challenges your idea of family. A must-watch. Have watched the second and am ready for the third!

OTHERS Spamalot
Here's a special one for you, a musical! A while ago, I went to see Spamalot with the man after 1) he insisted a lot and 2) we found very cheap tickets. I do love myself a bit of the Holy Grail, and got quite excited... and it was HILARIOUS. It's the best of the Holy Grail, with music, excellent anti-French jokes, terrific contemporary references and an overwhelming feeling of general happiness and old-school fun. Go go go!


  1. It's fascinating to me that "The Bridge" is being adapted into so many different cultural contexts. I wasn't a huge fan of the pilot episode of the American version, which is a bummer because I LOVE the concept. The acting just wasn't all that great (Diane Kruger is gorgeous and perfect in many ways, but this part was just beyond her depth) and the writing was only so-so. But I ADORE the whole concept I love that all the iterations seem to be so big on making the show bilingual. I might give this version a try!

  2. (Also YAY to legit all the other things you listed! Mega YAY!)