7 Nov 2013

Life lately...

Phew, the past few weeks/months haven't been easy! Hence the absence of posts... I want to try to get back into this blog a little, and find the occasional hour to write a post or two, but do I have to dig to find such time!

Since the last time... I started a new job that is fun and well paid (yay!), lived through the first half-term of third year — with difficulties, ordered many a takeaway, had a visit from my mum and dad, bought the perfect winter boots, went to Cadbury World (and decided I would never live in Birmingham,) carved my first ever pumpkin, made litres of soup and batch after batch of chocolate biscotti, spent many an hour sitting on the floor of the Wired Radio studio, wrote a billion stories for East London Lines and even got commissioned for my first ever freelance journalism work! Look out for my name/face/words in the January issue of Company...

Here are a few snaps from all this for you to peer over while I go write a few more posts. See you soon x





Chocolate biscotti. / Vampire Weekend at the iTunes Festival. / Shake Shack! / The best burger in London, MotherFlipper's candy bacon burger / Took my parents to the Breakfast Club / Pumpkin carving, cake eating and wine drinking / Our take on Tuco's burritos for the finale of Breaking Bad / IT'S BACK!

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