19 Mar 2014

Instafood round-up #5


No matter how busy I am, food always happens. I just don't always have time to get my DSLR out.

Also my local chinese does a mean steamed siu mai and maybe, maybe I have been surviving on a bit too many dumplings. Still, a little round-up for cooks looking for a quick food fix:

1. Fantastic spicy blackened salmon with mango salsa from Skinnytaste. The man was impressed.
2. Made some homemade bread, woo! I have lightyears of progress to make before it can make it on the blog, though, so you'll just meet it for now through this tartine of courgette grilled with olive oil and sea salt + parmesan.
3. Look at that fancy omelette. Spinach, mulled red cabbage, parmesan and truffle oil. Yes ma'am.
4. Last night's absolute impro: filo parcels stuffed with a salad of couscous cooked with tomato purée and spices, and mixed with tuna and feta. A confusing put surprisingly tasty mix!

15 Mar 2014

Beauty Corner #3 | Favourite Spring nail polishes

Nail polish is, like, really important. I always found it was a very easy but only slightly noticeable way to display my mood. And because my mood changes very, very often, I have countless little bottles of polish. Right now, the incredible weather in England (can't believe I typed these words but hey, I've put my coat away) and the last stretch to the end of my degree have made me in the mood for summer, to the tip of my fingers! I've got my eyes on these shades...

Bourjois in n°72 Vacances à Hawaii
Light turquoise has been my favourite polish colours for YEARS (American Apparel Office's fault) and this babe has proven to be a holiday saviour: super tiny, great colour and kinda cute.

Essie in n°73 Cute as a button
I love pink, and I love a bright pink on my nails. It's a way of getting spring (and summer) to come, and stay. With undertones in the reds, this one is perfect as soon as the sun is out.

Topshop in Forget me not
I wear a lot of blue. Like, a lot of blue. This one is for when I wear black (ha!) A really nice baby blue with good pigmentation.

Ciaté in n°137 Raspberry collins
Oops, another pink, but this one with blue undertones for a more intense Barbie look. Yes. I currently have it on. Double yes.

Chanel in n°539 June
I can also be classy. This was gifted to me for my 18th. It needs quite a few layers to be visible (ahem Chanel fix your formula) but the pale slightly shimmery peach is gorgeous.

Now what colour do you recommend? x

5 Mar 2014

SC#37 | Wholemeal English muffins

I love English muffins so bad. I tend to forget about them for months, then get an absolute craving and demolish a pack of six in 48 hours. Sliced, toasted, with a little butter and jam, they are the best. I love them even more when they're wholemeal; brown bread just tastes a little better (unless it's a Banette 1900 which is the Perfect Bread in all its white flour glory).

Anyway, long story short: I had a craving, so I made them. And I made them good:

It was my first time making something bready. I had a fun evening of covering everything in flour and sticky dough (thanks to my housemate Laura for her moral support/giggles) with many a crisis of 'they're not rising!', 'they're burnt!' or 'they're not cooking!' I'm pretty impressed they turned out alright.

Served with my mum's homemade quince jam, they were fab. Make them too. I used this recipe from Savory Simple. Worked a treat! 

I hope you enjoy a bite of these. Homemade brekkie is the best! x