7 May 2013

SC#31 | Herby salmon bricks and couscous salad

Summer's here, peaches!

London has been drowning in endless sunshine for the past few days. It's unbelievable. A month and a half ago, I slept with two jumpers on and the fear of snowstorms and icy mornings remained.

A few weeks later, and I've bought sunscreen and got my sunglasses on constantly.

Naturally, food has been evolving and my meals have turned into colourful salads and pretty much nothing else. The other day, I felt adventurous, so decided to go for something a bit wilder. I'd been eying Jamie Oliver's crackin' crab briks ever since I got the 15 minutes cookbook, and figured it was just the right time... for a student-budget adapted version of this recipe.

Because, crabmeat, harissa, sundried tomato purée? God knows I love food and spending money on it, but I also love being able to afford transport, and clothes, and electricity. So here's a slightly cheaper version, with a few tips at the end on how to use leftover things!

Herby salmon bricks and couscous salad, serves 2-3
- Pack of filo pastry
- Tin of salmon (I used pink, cheaper than red)
- 1 tbsp ricotta cheese
- Half a bunch of fresh coriander
- Half a bunch of fresh mint
- 1 bulb of fennel
- 2 spring onions
- A handful of spinach
- Half the seeds of a pomegranate
- Couscous
- Tomato purée
- Some form of spicy spice (paprika, cajun mix, chilli, etc)
- Olive oil

First, get your pomegranate sorted. I use the wooden spoon method which is well demonstrated in this incredibly annoying but very helpful video.

For the couscous: put half a mug of couscous in a bowl, 2-3 tbsp tomato purée, a large pinch of salt and a couple large pinches of whatever spice you're using (I used paprika), cover with boiling water, then cover the bowl with a tea towel and set aside. In a food processor (or with a grater if you don't live with a real-life student housewife like I do—hi Laura!), chop the fennel bulb with the mint. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and set aside.

Now for the fillings, chop the coriander, spinach and spring onions. Mix in a bowl with the drained salmon and ricotta. For the folding, nothing too complicated, but here's a little visual of how I proceeded:
Place the filling in the bottom middle of the filo sheet and press your thumb in the middle to make sure there's enough room for the filling to expand during cooking. Fold one side over, then the other. Fold the bottom over (it'll probably crackle and break, that's alright), then fold/roll until it looks like a little parcel. You're done!

Pour a little oil in a pan on medium-heat, and cook the bricks until they're golden on both sides. Serve with the couscous, topped with the mint fennel salad and half the seeds of the pomegranate.

I used the leftover pomegranate, spring onions and spinach in a salad with tomatoes, granny smith apple and feta, and I plan on making more bricks with the leftover ricotta, spinach and coriander. :) Easy peasy! Hope you enjoy x

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