20 May 2013

Instafood round-up #2

Getting back in the cooking rhythm has been more difficult than expected... I've been incredibly busy (I got an internship at Company magazine! Like, omg! It's so much fun and I'm loving it and I will discuss it more on here shortly), and the constantly changing weather has been craving for salad on cold days and dying for a huge comfort meal when it's 25° outside. In the end, I just give up on food/have cereal in the middle of the day/buy a sandwich. NOT GOOD.

Still, I managed to whip up a few tasties in the past couple weeks and even Instagram them before devouring them!



1. Sweet and savoury summer salad.
Spinach. Granny Smith apple quarters. Cherry tomato quarters. Feta cheese crumbs. Pomegranate seeds. Balsamic vinegar. BAM, done! 

2. Cheapest easiest tastiest hot dogs.
Grill the sausages in the oven with chopped red onions, olive oil and a bit of sugar. Keep checking them until they seem cooked (tip: Google how long sausages are supposed to cook. We didn't. They tasted raw.) Spread some good Dijon mustard on the buns, stuff with a sausage and way too much onion things. Eat.
Optional: get reduced hot dog buns + reduced sausages and this meal will cost you less than £3 FOR TWO HUGE PORTIONS. Hashtag food win.

3. Pasta with cheesy green sauce.
Cook pasta. In a pan, melt some fresh goat's cheese with green pesto, add sliced mushrooms, and a handful of spinach when it looks almost done. Mix in the pasta, and serve sprinkled with Parmesan.

4. Summer pita sandwich filled with grilled things.
Grill halloumi slices and bell pepper slices (any colour is fine, apart from green, because it's yuk.) Stuff a pita bread with them and some spinach. Eat. This is literally the easiest thing ever. And it tastes so good and summery.

Now, cook this all up and let me know what your taste buds think! I for one know I will definitely be making these again <3

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  1. I'll definitely be trying these and will let you know! I dont know when I'll have the opportunity to do so, but however late I do it.. I will be sure to come back and say. They look really tasty- if only I'd found this post last week when I was staying with my sister in London! We just resorted to sandwiches from tescos or takeaway. :/