20 May 2014

Bar review(s) | Best Bars + some thoughts

Life-without-a-plan actually started on a lovely little high. I recently started working with Best Bars, the latest online offering from Square Meal which is in its very early days. Being involved at this stage is very exciting. As a young graduate, being this close to a developing project is I feel pretty rare. We're usually stuck with tea and boring phone calls, without getting any of the action. On the contrary, my work has been really hands on and I've gotten the chance to do a little bit of everything.

Over my past few jobs, I've noticed the difference between employers who see you as employees and those who see you as humans choosing to use their set of skills to the benefit of the company. I understand it can be hard to see 'the big picture' in a grad, as our professional experience might sometimes be limited. However, it is when we're recognised as competent beings that we can prove what we're capable of. Responsibilities are a scary thing, both for the person delegating and for the person suddenly in charge of something important, but the exchange of trust is what makes the gamble valuable — it is a spark of faith that can push someone to come out of their shell and go the extra mile.

Words, words; so many words. Good thing I've chosen journalism. All this to say — being recognised as a person of value in the workplace is a joy, and seeing my skills used and developed is exhilarating.

Speaking of which, I've been writing bar profiles. It is great fun! I am really enjoying writing them but also discovering more of what London has to offer. It's also given me serious travel envy — so I booked a weekend in Edinburgh! Check out below some of the profiles I've written so far...

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