19 Mar 2014

Instafood round-up #5


No matter how busy I am, food always happens. I just don't always have time to get my DSLR out.

Also my local chinese does a mean steamed siu mai and maybe, maybe I have been surviving on a bit too many dumplings. Still, a little round-up for cooks looking for a quick food fix:

1. Fantastic spicy blackened salmon with mango salsa from Skinnytaste. The man was impressed.
2. Made some homemade bread, woo! I have lightyears of progress to make before it can make it on the blog, though, so you'll just meet it for now through this tartine of courgette grilled with olive oil and sea salt + parmesan.
3. Look at that fancy omelette. Spinach, mulled red cabbage, parmesan and truffle oil. Yes ma'am.
4. Last night's absolute impro: filo parcels stuffed with a salad of couscous cooked with tomato purée and spices, and mixed with tuna and feta. A confusing put surprisingly tasty mix!

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