7 Dec 2013

DIY | Pocket hand-warmers

Since buying the set of Christmas fabric pictured below, every year around the start of the festive season I feel the need for a little craft project to keep me busy till the end of the year. I made bunting in my first year of university, and lots of tree decorations last year (that I will hopefully one day photograph.) This year I went for an easy little thing that makes for a great stocking filler (or additional birthday prezzie if your bezzie is a November baby) and will keep you warm(ish) until Spring. Here's my first great rugby-watching project of the season... Pocket hand-warmers!

(Yes, I did say rugby watching. Ahhh there are SO many things I don't share on this blog that I really, really like. Like, I love rugby, and beauty products, and playing Crash Bandycoot Team Racing. And many other secret things...)

You'll need: pretty cotton fabric, needles and thread, a pencil, a circle object to use as a tracer (I used a vase!), uncooked rice, scissors. Optional: essential oil, for scented hand-warmers!

1. If you're using essential oil, start by putting a few drops of it in your rice. Mix and let it infuse while you sew.
2. Place your two fabric right sides together. Trace a circle on the fabric using whatever object you have on hand, then cut a square of fabric around the circle, leaving 2-3cm around the circle.
3. Start sewing the two pieces of fabric together following the line. I recommend using extra needles to pin your pieces of fabric together and avoid mistakes.
4. Leave a little opening at the end.
5. Turn your fabric over and make sure to push the seams out so the circle shape is all good and nice.
6. Fill your hand-warmer with rice... I used the end of a spoon as I like to keep the opening as small as possible — makes the final stitching easier!
7. Stitch your hand-warmer closed. I wish I could explain how, but I (badly) self-taught myself sewing.. Meaning I have no clue what I'm doing.
8. You're all done! Now pop your hand warmer(s) in the microwave for 30s and stick them in your coat pockets to keep you warm when you go out...

Believe me, I'm a beginner, and I can make these under 30 minutes... So you can too! Go forth and craft, and don't forget to show me your finished little pockets of warmth... An early merry Christmas to you! x


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable and lovely!

  2. and for the nose, could you make something for my nose ?