1 Sept 2013

DIY | iPhone cases

Since living in London I've enjoyed trying to customise bits and bobs around my room/house to make it a little bit more 'me.' After paintings tons of jars and stools and sticking masking tape all over my room, I decided to give my phone its own little makeover. I used ideas from A Beautiful Mess — only the greatest blog on the Internet, by the way — bought clear cases off eBay for £2 each and got crafty!

For this first one, I used mint coloured masking tape and stuck it to the bottom of the case. The tricky part is to make it straight: for this I stuck a piece of tape on my desk and positioned my case so that it would serve as a 'space mark' in between two stripes on the case. The tricky bit is the corners: have a pen, a ruler or any other tool at hand to help you stick the tape to the corners. Then I painted two coats f gold paint over it and sealed it with clear nail polish.

This one was directly inspired by ABM! I painted stripes of nail polish (between one and three layers depending on the colour) letting it try inbetween, and sealed it with clear nail polish. This one had to be left to dry a couple days so the polish wouldn't stain my phone. 

It was super cheap since I already had everything and now I get to change cases often. I have some more cases left though, if you have any ideas on how to DIY them next, please let me know in the comments!

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Thanks to Courtney for being a cutie and helping me photograph this post!


  1. OH MY I love the stripy one. I WANT ONE! (My Society6 case cracked this week, so sad).

  2. Ohh, these look so amazing! I could never do anything like that... :D

  3. Super chouette ;) je veux la deuuuz !!! :)