23 Jun 2013

Instafood round up #3: where to eat in London... and beyond!

I figured, Instafood... It's not all about me making food, is it?

Hint: no it's not. It's about eating food. All of it. Everywhere. And when it's super tasty, I want to share it with you. So expect my Instafood round ups to mix in recipes and restaurant reviews... and they could welcome a little Instadrink sister soon ;)

Beigel Bake
159 Brick Lane
There is but one place to eat a bagel in London. This is it. £1.60 for a smoked salmon and cream cheese? It doesn't get any better. Or cheaper. Plus, the shop is 24/7 and also sells bagels by the billion (12 for £3 makes a great birthday feast, just sayin') as well as bread loaves and cake slices. Walking down Brick Lane without grabbing a Nutella bagel is very difficult once you know of Beigel Bake.

Meat Liquor
74 Welbeck Street

The name of this place is pretty self explanatory: eat meat and drink liquor. The story started with #MeatEasy, a pop-up restaurant selling burgers and cocktails to a crowd that grew so big the team decided to relocate in Central. Meat Liquor has a no booking policy, so get there early and proudly wear the stamp that'll grant you access to a world of tasty wonders. 
The choice of burgers isn't too large, but will satisfy any meat lover (and vegs too, btw!) and the cocktails... The cocktails are AMAZING. I went for a St Lawrence since I really love maple syrup, and loved the bittersweetness of it all. 
Also, get the deep fried pickles. You'll thank me later. 

The Breakfast Club
Soho, Angel, Hoxton, Spitafields, Battersea

The Breakfast Club is EVERYTHING you'd want from a breakfast place. It has a very, very large choice of delicious brekkie options, good coffee, great smoothies, and only the most fantastic decor I've ever seen (especially in the Spitafields one!)
They also do burgers, sandwiches, and even mac'n'cheese as well as cocktails for lunch and dinner.
And if you ask to see the Mayor in the Spitafields branch, you'll be taken to a secret bar for super exclusive cocktails... On your way there yet or what?

La Choza
36 Gloucester Road, Brighton

Believe it or not, but I do actually get out of London sometimes! I was down in Brighton a couple weekends ago and cured a littler, erm, post-drinking fatigue, with some excellent Mexican street-food. I'd never had quesadillas before and I pretty much fell in love with them. Despite eating outside on a windy day after waiting 30mn+ for a table, everyone I was with really enjoyed their food and I for one regret I don't live in Brighton... I could definitely do with another round of chorizo quesadillas!

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