30 Apr 2013

Shoreditch street art

Last week I met up in Shoreditch with my friend Andrew to go check out the London Coffee Festival. We work together as baristas and thought it'd be a good opportunity to drink loads of free coffee (that didn't really work out. Oh well.) While I was waiting for Andrew (who was remarkably late, a real performance!), I walked around the area and got lost giving myself a tour of street art. I thought I'd share some on here to prove that yes, I do still live in London.

And guess what?

It's all kinds of amazing. 

Andrew being all hipster-like, super skool (lolz) skull art, German kola and tote included
Sorry the blog's been a bit slow, exams are nearly over and then I'll hopefully be back to posting more regularly. Still, the April edition of the Culture Feature will be up soon, and some food things if all goes well! Hope you guys are enjoying the beginnings of spring x

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