28 Mar 2013

Instafood round-up #1

Ever since I've had an iPhone and Instagram, I have posted a LOT of food photos. I would apologise but EY WHY WOULD I?! Still, I think it's a shame they fall into oblivion in the depths of the #instafood tag, and thought I'd try and share them on here if they're original recipes; especially since I've been too busy to make real recipe posts lately!

So here we go with the first of a long series, hopefully...



1. Grilled red vegs and cajun chicken pasta salad.
Grill the peppers and tomatoes on a griddle pan. Slice up some chicken breast, season in salt, pepper + cajun mix and grill on the pan. Mix with cooked pasta and feta crumbs.

2. Grilled salmon and kale salad.
Marinate a piece of salmon in soy sauce. While it's soaking, mix together kale, spinach and fennel with a food processor. Grill the salmon on a griddle pan, mix everything and drown in soy sauce. There is no such thing as too much soy sauce.

3. Veggie egg noodles.
Easy-peasy: chop some mushrooms, pak choi and tender stem broccoli, cook on high heat with some olive oil and soy sauce for 2-3min. Add the egg noodles and cook for a couple more minutes. Serve with a good handful of fresh coriander and more soy sauce.

4. Salmon and avocado salad.
Grill some salmon in a griddle pan. Once done, mix with an avocado, some spinach and feta crumbs in a normal pan and cook until the spinach is wilted and the avocado is golden. Eat fast because it cools down quickly!

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