18 Jan 2013

SC#29 | Apple thyme muffins with caramel drizzle

I made these muffins ages ago now and forgot to post about them! Terrible mistake, because they were delicious. And easy. They're the perfect treat for a snowy day, served warm and if you're very indulgent (and have awesome central heating), some vanilla ice cream...

I had a cook-off at my house with a couple friends, and decided it would be an interesting challenge to use only things I already had. I got lucky and realised I had all the ingredients to reproduce Spoon, Fork, Bacon's apple thyme cake recipe. The only thing that I did different was use French crème de caramel au beurre salé instead of making my own caramel.

I have no cake tin, so I turned them into muffins. They tasted just perfect like that!

Another thing I forgot to post about is this one time when I went to The BBC Good Food Show… for free… and got given free fancy gin from 9am… and tons of fantastic food… MOSTLY CHEESE. Also got to attend a Great British Bake-Off demo. So,  accept this picture of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood baking together as my (late late late) Christmas gift to you.

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