15 Nov 2012

Gettin' back in the rythm

Sometimes I forget this blog started as a study abroad blog rather than a food extravaganza diary. I'm going to try and get better at balancing content in the future, but as you might have realised by now... I like food. Like eating it, like making it, like staring at it... Yeah.

Besides, balancing content asks for one thing, and that's content. There's been lots of recipes on here lately because no matter how busy I am, eating is a thing that happens most days. (And by that I mean all days.) As for the rest... I've been super BUSY.

All I really want to say with this useless rambling is that I got a job! Woo! After the ranting post I posted a few weeks ago, I got a call back from a place I applied to that said they'd take me in despite my absence of NINo. So now I'm a work person. I do very early morning shifts and have 'meal breaks' and have a cash drawer and get money at the end of the month. (Also I finally have a NINo. YES!)

I'm really loving it. I like the job, I like being busy (despite how tired I am right now) and I like drawing a bit closer to some form of financial independence. There's something very satisfying if the feeling of being exhausted after a day of work but knowing that you didn't do it for nothing. It's not like studying, which I know is supposed to reward me with knowledge and (possibly) a job in the future. It's labour for which you get simple straight-forward cash. And that's good. However, I now have to get back into an intense work rythm that I hadn't had in a couple of years. Balancing work and studying and friends and hobbies and going out is neither fun nor easy. I had the past week off uni (which is why the girls and I went to Paris), but from now on I'll have to do all the things, all of the days, all of the time.

So here's the punchline: I want some advice guys! Stories, wise words, strategies/pictures of puppies to motivate me when I'm exhausted (I don't actually like puppies, forget it.) I can see from the numbers I have quite a few readers now so I want to know who YOU are and what you think.

PS. There will be no October culture feature this month because a) we're already in November and b) I've not been reading/watching anything new. Sorry!


Je vais faire un test et ne pas traduire cet article en français. Je n'arrive pas à savoir si la traduction est véritablement utile ou non, donc laissez un commentaire si vous souhaitez que je continue à poster en français !


  1. J'avoue que je suis une flemmarde alors je lis en français mdr... Mais si t'écris qu'en anglais je lirais aussi :P
    Et... Congrats pour le job !! C'est où exactement ?

  2. English is fine and guys will help me if I 'll need to.
    Pokou, pokou

  3. You want to know who I am ? Ahaha, that's a secret I'll never tell.

    (bon à part ça, si tu veux un indice, ça commence par un E et ça termine par un A, je crois que tu ne connais pas grand chose sur moi ni sur ce que je pense donc je ne sais pas trop par où commencer)


  4. ben moi je t'avoue ma belle que je lis tt tes articles en francais donc ca m'embete ..... gros bisous

    ton ancienne nounou