10 Dec 2011

It's never too late for a Christmas wish list...

You might have noticed, I have a burning love for lists. Also, I have a burning love for procrastination, which explains why I suddenly stopped working on my essay, thought about something else to do, and went for this article.

Back to the point. A third thing I love massively is... Christmas. I'm a sucker for December. From December 1st, I turn into an elf. I only listen to Christmas songs (here is my playlist for this year), I get my mini Christmas tree out of the cupboard and have it standing proudly on my desk, I spend hours lovingly staring at my advent calendar... Also, I decorate. I decorate a lot. At home, we would have a full day of turning the house into Santa's freaking place. Alas, this year, this will only happen next week. I've been going a bit mental here though; I've got (fake) sprigs of holly, garlands and ribbon chains all over my room-- and even in the bathroom.

I am therefore going to share my festive mood with you... by sharing my Christmas wish list!

- Pretty masking tape from mt.

- All sorts of cake tins like those I saw in Lakeland. Also, this Deco Pen.

- A custom calligraphy stamp from paper pastries.

- Mumford & Sons's Sigh No More, because I can't stop listening to it.

- Pretty jewellery from UO and Forever 21.

- A poster of London from orkposters.

- A sewing machine.... Old, small, basic, I don't case. My stitches look terrible :(

- Reindeer skirt from UO... Perfect Christmas outfit!

- An Instax mini. Yes. One more camera.

- Plenty of nail polishes. OPI and American Apparel are my favourites, Santa!

- A piggy bank.

- Unlimited funds for The Hummingbird Bakery & Ben's Cookies.

I could go on for ages, but I'm afraid this essay really needs to be written... So, you tell me what you want for Christmas, while I go... pretend I'm working and really keep on crafting (that's a word. yup.) more Christmas surprises!


Trad française à venir :)

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  1. Why this all list didn't arrived to Santa ? (hope my english isn't too awful !!!)